Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bangkok Express. Character profile #4 - Franco

Backpackers changed their image and their philosophies more often than they changed their clothes. He opened the icebox and took another beer Singha. He swigged from the can and then put it down next to the Styrofoam boxes filled with the remains of breakfast. Chicken fried rice with a slice of lime. He wobbled slightly as he stepped over the equipment, closer to Alexandra. “It is okay to be sacred. Fear is natural, don’t be afraid of fear. Fear hates to be confronted. Look her in the eye,” Franco said. It was just the two of them. The American couple hadn’t showed up. Franco thought about cancelling the trip but Alexandra was cute and the long-tail was already booked. He stood up towering over Alexandra and began to check the equipment. Her naivety made him wise. Her weakness was his strength.

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