Tuesday, May 29, 2012

‘Please enter.’ She spoke English like she meant it. This was no sing-song Asian English. She had the phonetics down. Maybe she had been trained by a lover who ate the classics. Perhaps she had lived inside television and theater. It wasn’t the kind of English that you picked up in the bars. Her lips were a pale pink and her smile was the kind that woodland animals warmed to. Those critters jumped up into her arms and nuzzled her like she were the second coming. Shit. She was a deer watching the first winter snow. A puzzled fox. She had hair. Shit. She had long hair. Long lovely hair. Oceans of hair. Hair that clogged the bathtub and hair that garnished soup. Hair that flew in the wind and got stuck in the eyes of migrating swallows. She had hair. Joe stepped inside the joint and followed that hair. It was like walking into the house of fun. She half-turned: ‘My name is Carmen, pleased to meet you.’

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