Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bangkok Express. Character Profile #2. James Hale.

The quickest and most dangerous way to the zone was by motorbike taxi. At night the traffic was manageable. Hale sat on the back of a motorcycle taxi and gave the driver directions. The rider sped between vehicles, weaved around danger with enough speed to keep his line, no hesitation, no mistakes, no fear. Hale trusted the rider. He knew how to ride – as they sped through the traffic Hale felt a Buddhist sense of calm. The channel between a public bus and a Japanese pick-up was there to be exploited. He held onto the back of the seat and watched the streets rush by; fruit markets, clothing stalls, jewellery stores, fortune-tellers, road-side bars and restaurants. The night hung over the city like an oily canvas. They arrived at the zone and Hale paid the rider and tipped him heavily. The rider had earned it, he was direct and honest. It was these small victories that kept Hale smiling in the land of scams.

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