Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A review of Bangkok City by author Thom Locke

I just finished reading James Newman’s latest noir mystery Bangkok City. What a read!! James is obviously comfortable in the noir style and, because of this, the reader easily slides into the Bangkok James skillfully etches.

However Bangkok City is not a case of style over substance which all too often is the case with noir fiction. In James’ hands the style only serves to enhance a gripping plot. The character development is efficient allowing the reader to develop empathy here, a bit of disgust there, and overwhelming sympathy in one forlorn character.

The only criticism I can think of is with the title itself. Unfortunately the “Bangkok” theme has been plowed so thoroughly, mostly by hacks I might add, that James’ terrific piece of work may be ignored as just another attempt by a farang to describe the seedy aspects of Bangkok. Of course, Bangkok is so much more than that, and so is James’ gritty tale.

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