Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh, yes, vampires...

My Romanian and Eastern European fans will be glad to hear that I am branching out into vampirism. Canada’s Blood Moon Publishing have accepted my new vampire novel set in 1980s London. 'Itchy Park.' Here's a shot of Itchy Park in the East End back in the Victorian days. The setting for my modern age Jekyll and Hyde.

The story is about the tranformation of Frank Palmer: Virgin. Anxiety-driven. Bibliophile. Frank Palmer doesn’t have much going for him until one day he finds an old hardback inside an alligator-skin Gladstone bag. The book details the gruesome black magic rituals performed by occultist doctor and butcher Jack the Ripper. What if the spell was to be invoked one hundred years after the Whitechapel murders? What if Frank could too become a devilishly handsome predator of women?

"I decide on a red velvet smoking jacket and a pair of dark maroon kecks. Cliché, admittedly, but consider the fashion alternatives. If I were wearing a white tuxedo and sucking the blood of a young wench and the filth happened to be in the general vicinity then I would be liable to stick out like a hardworking ladybird perched on a pew in church on Sunday morning. If I were to wear all white imagine, my friends, all that kennetsseno rouge splashing out on those virginal pussycat white togs after a jolly good night’s fogging. Dark red burgundy be the colours, the camouflage, and the code of us bloody suckers.

I also carry a man bag. A dark shiny black Gladstone alligator skin hold-all, like a doctor’s bag. The contents of my bag are similar to that of an alcoholic’s kit. Mints, mouthwash, a bottle of gin and a packet of Fisherman’s friends. Last thing one needs is the long arm of the law appearing just after ones performance and said officer getting a whiff of the old kennetsseno rouge. General practice is to walk away from the scene after a swig of Gin and a couple of mints down the old cake hole. Just a harmless old alcoholic as far as the long arm be concerned..."