Sunday, December 16, 2012

Signed Express

Asia Books at Emporium Bangkok have an eye-level display...All the independent bookstores in Pattaya are stocked. Bookazine, DK Books....

In the stores!!

I wrote some of Bangkok Express as far back as 2002. And now ten years later the book is finally in the stores.

It's Christmas!

For anyone wanting a signed copy delivered to their doorstop simply contact the author, that's me, at I'll send you one for free. This offer is limited to the first TEN devoted fans (decadent fools, noir nocturnes, pulp purists...) who respond to my email address or on facebook or send a passenger pigeon with the letters BE branded on its rump.
God bless and merry Christmas.
Bangkok Xmas. 2012.

Note Dec 28: Copies sent to MJ in Honk Kong, MS and VMS, TV and MS in Bangkok. TC in the States. UD in Mumbai. AS, AL and TT in London. Thanks and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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