Friday, August 16, 2013

13 Words of Advice for New Writers

A few simple rules for new writers of fiction or non-fiction, young or old.

1. Write the book yourself. 

2. Write that book from start to finish. Polish it best you can.

3. Find an agent and a publisher.

4. It you can't find a publisher - keep writing. Submit to forums. Discover your craft.

5. If it still don't happen consider self-publishing. 

6. Do not write your own reviews. NEVER. Nor pay people to write reviews for you. When the public find out that you have then your career is dusted.

7. Promote - don't SPAM. Use the internet as a pub not a notice board.

8. Don't pay people to LIKE you or FOLLOW you on facebook or Twitter.

9. When interviewed don't talk about your sales figures - talk about your craft.

10. Review books - interview fellow authors and get involved in local events.

11. Learn to play the guitar.

12. Drink and smile.

13. Be happy. Not a race - It's a journey.

Buy the ticket. Enjoy the Ride.


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