Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bangkok Fiction Night of Noir 2014

This years star studded line up included John Barrett, Cara Black, Christopher G. Moore, Dean Barrett, Tom Vater voice actor John Marengo (reading in preparation for the future White Flamingo audio book) My job was to introduce each writer, sign and sell a suitcase full of books and try my hardest to drink the bar dry. I think I did okay on all counts apart from that bar. It got the better of me did that bar. They always do. But enough of my babbling on (I did enough of that on the night.) Check out how the proceedings went HERE from the excellent People Things and Literature blog.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The White Flamingo Review by Timothy Hallinan.

A Five Star Review from one of the greatest living writers.....

JAMES A. NEWMAN writes with a flamethrower. He's terrifically gifted, enormously energetic, and in THE WHITE FLAMINGO he builds up, layer by layer, like lacquer, the everyday reality of "Fun City" -- a/k/a Pattaya -- with such intensity that he creates a nightmare town so terrible that even the advent of a modern-day Jack the Ripper can only make it a tiny bit worse. Newman has serious talent, devoted (in this case, anyway) almost entirely to the noir side of life in a city that has more than its share of noir. If I have two quibbles, it's that he has so much energy and eloquence at his command that he gives us more than we need on occasion, and that I would have liked to have seen more of his detective's inner deductive processes, but nonetheless I ripped through the book in about seven hours. If Newman reminds me of anyone, it's early Ken Bruen, which is high praise in itself. 

Read the rest of Timothy Hallinan's review of The White Flamingo here HERE

2011 Edgar Nominee Timothy Hallinan has written many published novels, all thrillers, all critically praised. Some set in the city of Bangkok...Tim is a well admired writer among his peers and many agree that his thrillers along with Christopher G. Moore and John Burdett's novels, capture the city unlike any others.