Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Cold Sun

Freedom Fiction were the first publishers to pay money for one of my short stories. The piece was called CARMEN and was based on the partly true story of a woman I met on the island of Ko Phangnan. Her name was Sim. Like the mobile telephone card. I changed the name of the island to Ibiza and Sim's name to Carmen.

I went on to publish several more stories with Freedom Fiction and two or three made it into their fantastic large format anthologies  

The editor recently contacted me to see if I had any more. I didn't. Working on finishing this novel called the Black Rose. In the process of writing the Rose I had to travel back to many dark places and settle some uncomfortable scores.

The Cold Sun I wrote straight off the bat and submitted back to the editor. Within 48 hours it was live on Freedom Fiction's site.  

Here it is.


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