Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Four Questions - Four Answers (shot from the hip)

Don Mitchell started this blog tour thing. Philip Willey artist and author of Spanking Pulp Press title Losing the Plot passed the hot potato on.

Why do I write what I do?

To paraphrase Stephen King "What makes you think I have a choice?" But that is not entirely true and a tad pretentious, but, well, I don't have a chance. Why do you wake up in the morning and take a shower? Why do you scratch your nose while nervous? Why do you take one last sneaky look before you flush?

What we attempt to achieve as storytellers is to write the story we would like to read. If you were a painter you'd paint a picture that you could hang on the wall. Right?

Write to please yourself. If we are mindful of others the mojo might slip. Our tastes could and should match the tastes of other readers and that is the joy of writing - finding a readership. The first and best joy is the process, the early drafts, the pain is in the finishing. I write because I have no choice to write or not to write. I'm telling you, it's a curse put on me as a toddler and I intend to spread it far and wide.   

What am I working on?

Finishing the latest novel in the Joe Dylan series - The Black Rose. Helping authors to realize their literary projects with Spanking Pulp Press and generally spinning plates all over the proverbial bloody shop. I continue to write short stories for small magazines and anthologies and encourage all budding fiction writers to do the same. As a publisher I do take note of short story publication credits. A wonderful art the short story is and the joy of completing one and having an acceptance is, for me, still as great as it was years ago. I have something coming out with the EXILES anthology complied by Paul Brazil. It's for charity, mate.
What is my writing process?

Same as most writers, I suppose. Few tins of Special T. Lump of rock the size of Gibraltar. A cigar like a blue whale stool. A pet gazelle and a bare-chested native girl fanning me with ostrich plumes.

Alas, those days are over.

Here's how you do it. Morning, or whatever time you wake up. Alpha brain-waves. Tea. Lots of tea and that awful sense of dread and doom that you try and hammer your way blindly through. That's on a good day, baby. 

How does my writing differ from others of its genre?

I write in a few different genres. My last three short stories were Horror, Crime and Science Fiction all with a pulp noir flavor. I write in the American tradition, which differs from most English writers. Make each word justify itself and if a scene, character or event doesn't enrich the plot I'll probably cut it. This makes for a stark skeletal sketchy prose that differs from most in the genres I write.

Thanks to Don Mitchell for starting this tour.

Blog tours are about reaching out and I reach out to the following three:  

Tom Vater. Writer, publisher, rock guitarist, all round good friend.
Dick Holzhaus - Spanking Pulp author of Metaphors of Death.
Thom Locke - Author of historical adventures with erotic passages.