Wednesday, June 4, 2014


IN THE real world of writing fiction and publishing a novel normally takes about five years from completed draft to publication. This is what happened with my latest novel released ITCHY PARK released last week.

Set in London, 1988 - but dating back to 1888. A strange story, use of first person stream of conciousness type writing and a black magic jackell and Hyde type plot. I love it. I hope you do too. It made a spash in the Penny Dreadfulls back in the day.

The year is 1988, but for Frank it's the wrong age to live in. His penchant for exuberant Victorian fashions and antiquated literature marks him out as a laughing stock amongst his fellow workers in the London city branch of Marks and Spencer's, Gracechurch Street.

When Frank finds an old hardback book left in a Gladstone bag outside his flat he has in his hands the very thing that will change his life forever. The manuscript penned by Doctor Stephenson one hundred years ago is a handbook on the occult. The book details the black magic rituals that the doctor performed before transforming himself into the beast that the world would know as Jack the Ripper. 

Bullying in the work place. An infatuation with Victorian London. An itch to lose his virginity leads to a visit to London's Itchy Park, an old east end churchyard. The spell transforms Frank Palmer into the devilishly handsome predator of women Francis Frisk. A handsome scoundrel with an insatiable taste for fine wines, gothic literature, and the blood of fallen women. He must reenact the five Whitechapel murders in 1980s London in order to break an ancient spell. 

Detective Seymour Silk of the VIB (Vampire Investigation Bureau) is one step ahead of the metropolitan police in catching up with the killer at large. Can Frank reverse the spell before his life is condemned to finish at the end of a stake?

Thanks to Double Dragon Press and Deron in Canada, and his great work on the cover:


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