Monday, February 23, 2015

101 - Bangkok Food.

Based near to the mouth of Soi 101/1 in the Udom Suk district of Bangkok sits a gem of a restaurant. It is simply called 101. The menu is not exhausting to read. My friends, know, and often belittle me about it. Yes, my fetish with menus. I read them. Study them. Examine them. Every word. Every price.

I do like to study menus and am often baffled at making a choice  A sign of old age perhaps, a chronic indecision brought about by the complexity of words.

Who knows?

Who cares?

Give me a simple menu.

Like pulp novels and fast women I read them quick and make the right choices.

Most of the time.

The French had it right. Sit down in a place of eating and get what you are given.

What you are served in 101 is superb. The owner, Dutch, runs a tight ship. And a tight menu.

A range of soups (the home-made tomato is wonderful) duck pate, garlic prawns, mussels.

Unafraid to add a touch of fusion to the menu there's a roasted duck served with Thai red curry sauce. An abuse of water fowl perhaps, but adventurous and different and certainly brave. Personally I feel duck is best served with a fruit based sauce. Strawberry, for instance.

Homemade burgers, marinated ribs, a prime cut of fillet steak. I was surprised when the restaurateur explained that this was his first venture into running an eatery outside of Europe. The tables are full with Europeans and Thais. We keep going back there, and hope you don't get there first and take our table. This is a word of mouth establishment and one which will surely grow in popularity once assholes like me start spreading it about on the web..

101 is a little known treasure. Take a trip to the East of the City. Enjoy.

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