Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Foreword to Fun City Punch.

Fun City is made up of six major areas - The Beach, The Red Zone, The Central Business District, Metroland, Main Street and The Dark Side. These zones are all connected by alleyways and tunnels, a cryptic network of mazes not unlike the back lanes and alleyways that connected 18th century London. These perilous passages are rebuilt as soon as they are demolished. Bars, riotous patrons, and the homeless exist both in spite of and because of this labyrinth of decadence. Widespread use of illicit substances, distribution of sexual diseases, prostitutes who help spread such diseases, murder rate, acceptance of corrupt officials, and the popularity of Fringe Theater. London had the Penny gaffs, Fun City has the bars, the cabaret shows, the boxing rings, the discos and the Theater Bizarre. One was never further than the toss of a dwarf away from a place where it was possible to enter a state of intoxication before discussing the impending apocalypse with a like-minded other.

This was before the clampdown.

By 2020 Fun City became an international hub for illegal activity and its global reputation as a serious business and tourism player was at risk.

Tourism was encouraged. Immigration discouraged.

Fun City needed a way to truly control her population.

The answer came with technology. First the surveillance system locally known as the Fun Eyes was installed. All main roads are now under surveillance. People came out at night to lessen the chances of being recognized by The Eye’s facial recognition software and quite soon the City became practically nocturnal.

In 2023 The Credit system was put in place.

Cash was removed and outlawed and instead the Fun City Credit Scheme, which deducted as well as credited the owner on account of both their behavior and their work, was introduced. Credits were awarded to the sufferers of conditions requiring medical attention, legislation that led to self-mutilations. Credits were awarded for artists and predictably every Fun City resident was writing a book or working on a play. Credits were deducted for promiscuous behavior, drink, drugs and violence. 

Those who reached zero credits were subject to The Punch – an intense attitude adjustment four week program.  

Crime escalated as cash vanished.

Art and suffering thrived hand in hand.

Fun City had entered her third and final act…  


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